We are a semi-historical guild (acting troupe) that represents the Yeomen of the Guard during a chapter of Queen Elizabeth I's reign in England.  We work faires all over California and are looking for new members to come play with us all the time! This is an excellent group for men & women who are new to faire, but ready to learn. We also welcome experienced faire folk looking for a new home. We are not a great group for younger individuals; you must be at least 16 years old to join us.


Working at the Renaissance Faire can be hot and uncomfortable work, but it's so much fun! Our uniforms are made primarily of wool which is heavier & warmer than most modern-day clothing and are not optional. We provide rental clothing for new members who just want to try us out. For all of our members we provide food, water and Gatorade to make your day as comfortable as possible. We also provide a fun, safe environment to try new things and learn how to talk to new people. 

We are looking for men who are able to lift and carry our queen in her chair (approximately 50 pounds), as pictured above.

We are looking for women who are able to lift approximately 20 pounds (to carry our lovely bottles filled with water). You should also have experience preparing simple meals. We cut up our own veggies, fruit, meat and cheese to eat throughout the day.